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New titles in the Pacific Collection September 2016   Tags: new books, pacific collection new resources  

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New items in the Pacific Collection

Here are the titles added to the Pacific Collection this month and are now available for borrowing and use in the Pacific Collection Reading Room.

In some cases, there may be another copy of a title in the General Collection or the Audio Visual Room (AVR)  for regular checkout. This is noted in the description where applicable.


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Asmat [videorecording] - Directed by Jean Michel Corillion
Call Number: DU 744 .35 .A82 A86 2000
Publication Date: 2000
The Asmat people live on the southwestern coast of western Papua, a land that has long remained free of outsiders, discouraged by the Asmats' terrifying reputation as cannibals and headhunters.

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Assessment of Samoa's trochus (Tectus niloticus) fishery : history, status and recommendations for management - Tiitii, Ulusapeti, Aiafi, Justin
Call Number: QL 430 .T75 T55 2016
ISBN: 9789820010062
Publication Date: 2016
Tectus niloticus, commonly known as trochus, was introduced to Samoan waters in 1990. Its introduction was aimed at establishing a fishery that would enhance the availability of marine reosurces for utilisation. Further introductions from Vanuatu, through Fiji, were made in 2003. The 2014 Samoa Trochus Survey was conducted to assess and gather information on trochus population size, structure and distribution in Samoa's reefs. This report provides the current status of the resource, and outlines recommendations for the management of trochus for future harvest.

Cover Art
Buveurs de kava - Siméoni, Patricia ; Lebot, Vincent
Call Number: GN 663 .S56 2014
ISBN: 9782953336238
Publication Date: 2014
Kava is a major cultural trait for Pacific Islands to the extent it differs from the rest of the world. It is the common denominator of the Melanesians, Micronesians and Polynesians who grow, transform and drink according to their cultural preferences. This iconic plant of a large geographical area is also the expression of various local identities. Kava is a choice Gateway to address the complexity of the islands of the great ocean, it is also central to the evolution of societies.

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Demographic assessment of exploited coastal finfish species of Tongatapu, Tonga - Moore, Bradley ; Malimali, Siolaá
Call Number: QL 636 .5 .T6 M66 2016
ISBN: 9789820010123
Publication Date: 2016
Coastal finfish populations have long provided an important source of food and economic activity for the people of Tongatapu. However, recent surveys suggest that the coastal finfish resources of Tongatapu are moderately to seriously overexploited, with significant declines in abundance observed for some species and decreases in size for others. In light of these observations, Tonga's Fisheries Department requested assistance from the Pacific Community's Coastal Fisheries Programme with training in biological sampling and a preliminary assessment of the demography of selected coastal finfish species at Tongatapu, Tonga.

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Detaining the immigrant other : global and transnational issues - Rich Furman, Douglas Epps, and Greg Lamphear (Editors)
Call Number: JV 6225 .D48 2016
ISBN: 9780190222574
Publication Date: 2016
This edited text explores immigration detention through a global and transnational lens. Immigration detention is frequently transnational; the complex dynamics of apprehending, detaining, and deporting undocumented immigrants involve multiple organizations that coordinate and often act across nation state boundaries. The lives of undocumented immigrants are also transnational in nature; the detention of immigrants in one country (often without due process and without providing the opportunity to contact those in their country of origin) has profound economic and emotional consequences for their families. The authors explore immigration detention in countries that have not often been previously explored in the literature. Some of these chapters include analyses of detention in countries such as Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey and Indonesia. They also present chapters that are comparative in nature and deal with larger, macro issues about immigration detention in general.

Cover Art
Food security : best practices for the Pacific - Viliamu Iese ... [et al.].
Call Number: HD 9000 .5 .F663 2016 (copies are available in other collections)
ISBN: 9789829812810
Publication Date: 2016
This report presents selected good practices and techniques that may contribute to improving food security and building community resilience to the impacts of climate change and other factors on agriculture, livestock, fisheries and aquaculture, forestry, and natural resources in the Pacific region. The objective of this report is to provide a summary of best practices that can improve people’s livelihoods for policy-makers, teachers, researchers, and communities. It is non-prescriptive as food security is complex and multi-dimensional. All countries in the Pacific experience different levels of food security issues so solutions to their challenges are not the same.

Cover Art
Formations of United States colonialism - Alyosha Goldstein (Editor)
Call Number: JV 105 .F67 2014 (a copy is also available in the General Collection)
ISBN: 9780822358107
Publication Date: 2014
Bridging the multiple histories and present-day iterations of U.S. settler colonialism in North America and its overseas imperialism in the Caribbean and the Pacific, the essays in this groundbreaking volume underscore the United States as a fluctuating constellation of geopolitical entities marked by overlapping and variable practices of colonization. By rethinking the intertwined experiences of Native Americans, Puerto Ricans, Chamorros, Filipinos, Hawaiians, Samoans, and others subjected to U.S. imperial rule, the contributors consider how the diversity of settler claims, territorial annexations, overseas occupations, and circuits of slavery and labor—along with their attendant forms of jurisprudence, racialization, and militarism—both facilitate and delimit the conditions of colonial dispossession. Drawing on the insights of critical indigenous and ethnic studies, postcolonial theory, critical geography, ethnography, and social history, this volume emphasizes the significance of U.S. colonialisms as a vital analytic framework for understanding how and why the United States is what it is today.

Cover Art
Freelove : a novel - Figiel, Sia
Call Number: PR 9665 .9 .F54 F74 2016 (copies are available in Leisure & General Collections).
ISBN: 9780982253557
Publication Date: 2016
It is 1985 in Nu‘uolemanusa/Village of the Sacred Owl, Western Samoa. Madonna’s Like a Virgin rules the airwaves. Brilliant and inquisitive high school student and Star Trek fanatic, 17 ½ year old Inosia Alofafua Afatasi, is sent by her mother to the capital, Apia, to buy three giant white threads. While she waits at the bus-stop, Mr. Ioane Viliamu, her teacher of Science and Mathematics and recent graduate of the University of Papua New Guinea and the pastor’s eldest son, in turn, her spiritual brother, stops to offer her a ride in his red pick-up truck. Should she wait for the bus? Or should she accept the ride?

Cover Art
Global indigenous politics : a subtle revolution - Lightfoot, Sheryl
Call Number: GN 380 .L54 2016 (a copy is also available in the General Collection)
ISBN: 9781138946682
Publication Date: 2016
This book examines how Indigenous peoples’ rights and Indigenous rights movements represent an important and often overlooked shift in international politics - a shift that powerful states are actively resisting in a multitude of ways. While Indigenous peoples are often dismissed as marginal non-state actors, this book argues that far from insignificant, global Indigenous politics is potentially forging major changes in the international system, as the implementation of Indigenous peoples’ rights requires a complete re-thinking and re-ordering of sovereignty, territoriality, liberalism, and human rights. After thirty years of intense effort, the transnational Indigenous rights movement achieved passage of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in September 2007.

Cover Art
Guardians of the flutes : the secrets of male initiation [videorecording] - Produced by Paul Reddish for BBC Television.
Call Number: DU 740 .42 .G83 1996
Publication Date: 1996
High in the mountains of New Guinea live the Sambia people, a war- like tribe whose secret rituals of initiation are aimed at making their warriors courageous and bold. Only because their culture is threatened have they allowed these initiation rites to be documented on film.

Cover Art
Hard custom, hard dance : social organisation, (un)differentiation and notions of power in a Tabiteuean community, Southern Kiribati - Autio, Petra M.
Call Number: HM 706 .A88 2010
ISBN: 9789521061509
Publication Date: 2010
Hard Custom, Hard Dance: Social Organisation, (Un)Differentiation and Notions of Power in a Tabiteuean Community, Southern Kiribati is an ethnographic study of a village community. This work analyses social organisation on the island of Tabiteuea in the Micronesian state of Kiribati, examining the intertwining of hierarchical and egalitarian traits, meanwhile bringing a new perspective to scholarly discussions of social differentiation by introducing the concept of undifferentiation to describe non-hierarchical social forms and practices. Particular attention is paid to local ideas concerning symbolic power, abstractly understood as the potency for social reproduction, but also examined in one of its forms; authority understood as the right to speak. The workings of social differentiation and undifferentiation in the village are specifically studied in two contexts connected by local notions of power: the meetinghouse institution (te maneaba) and traditional dancing (te mwaie). This dissertation is based on 11 months of anthropological fieldwork in 1999‒2000 in Kiribati and Fiji, with an emphasis on participant observation and the collection of oral tradition (narratives and songs).

Cover Art
Ileksen [videorecording] - directed by Dennis O'Rourke
Call Number: JF 1001 .I44 1978
Publication Date: 1978
Building on legendary documentarist Dennis O'Rourke's first film, Yumi Yet, Ileksen documents Papua New Guinea's first democration election. As in many of his other films, O'Rourke expertly documents the juxtaposition of western culture and ideals against a native population's way of life. In Ileksen, Papua New Guinea gets its first taste of British politics, as the candidates attempt to campaign and secure votes. O'Rourke masterfully captures the islanders discovering the world of political manipulations and maneuverings that take place in western democracies.

Cover Art
Islam and cultural change in Papua New Guinea - Flower, Scott
Call Number: BP 63 .P36 F66 2017
ISBN: 9781138776357
Publication Date: 2017
Scholars of religion and policy makers may be surprised at the changes occurring on the second largest island of the world that straddles one of the most Christianised and least Christianised areas of the world. This book provides an accurate and deeper understanding of the nature of Islam in Papua New Guinea, and determines the causes and processes of recent growth in the country’s Muslim population. Combining ethnographic, sociological and historical approaches to understanding Islam’s growth in Papua New Guinea, the book uses extensive fieldwork, interviews and archival records to look at the establishment, institutionalization and growth of Islam in a country that is predominantly Christian. It analyses the causes and processes of conversion, and presents a new analytical approach that could be used as a basis for analysing Islamic conversions in other parts of the world. Presenting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Islamic conversion thorough the examination of the causes and process of Islamic conversion in Papua New Guinea, the book is of interest to students and scholars of Asian Religion, Islamic Studies and Cultural Studies.

Cover Art
Lapita people [videorecording] - Paul Willis (Producer)
Call Number: GN 875 .V3 L37 2011
Publication Date: 2011
We know very little about one of the greatest diasporas in the history of humanity: the movement of people across the Pacific. But, over the last decade excavations at a most remarkable site in Vanuatu are starting to flesh out the stories laid down over thousands of years. Dr Paul Willis finds out what is being revealed about the Lapita people through their pottery, burial grounds and the isotopes in some very old teeth.

Cover Art
Margaret Mead and Samoa [videorecording] - Heimans, Frank (writer, producer, director)
Call Number: GN 671 .S2 M37
Publication Date: [200?]
"Margaret Mead chronicled a Polynesian culture free from modern social stresses. Her work was later refuted by Derek Freeman, whose studies exposed a culture rife with conflict. This DVD provides startling evidence that may resolve one of the great controversies in the history of anthropology."--Insight Media website.

Cover Art
Moana with sound [videorecording] - Robert J. Flaherty and Frances Hubbard Flaherty
Call Number: DU 819 .A2 M63 2015
Publication Date: 2015
Directed by Robert Flaherty and Frances Flaherty (1926) and Monica Flaherty (1980) Restoration produced by Bruce Posner (2014) The 1924 documentary film pioneers Robert and Frances Flaherty and family traveled to the Samoan island of Savaii to record the native life and make a film that would try to match the success of Nanook of the North. Restored with native sounds and traditional songs that Flahertys daughter recorded over a half-century after they shot it, Monica Flaherty's Moana with Sound is a beautiful docufiction and important piece of film history.

Cover Art
New Mana : transformations of a classic concept in Pacific languages and cultures - Matt Tomlinson & Ty P. Kāwika Tengan (Editors)
Call Number: GN 471 .4 .N49 2016 (copies are also available in the General Collection).
ISBN: 9781760460075
Publication Date: 2016
‘Mana’, a term denoting spiritual power, is found in many Pacific Islands languages. In recent decades, the term has been taken up in New Age movements and online fantasy gaming. In this book, 16 contributors examine mana through ethnographic, linguistic, and historical lenses to understand its transformations in past and present. The authors consider a range of contexts including Indigenous sovereignty movements, Christian missions and Bible translations, the commodification of cultural heritage, and the dynamics of diaspora. Their investigations move across diverse island groups—Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Hawai‘i, and French Polynesia—and into Australia, North America and even cyberspace. A key insight that the volume develops is that mana can be analysed most productively by paying close attention to its ethical and aesthetic dimensions. Since the late nineteenth century, mana has been an object of intense scholarly interest. Writers in many fields including anthropology, linguistics, history, religion, philosophy, and missiology have long debated how the term should best be understood.

Cover Art
One voice [videorecording] - Directed by Lisette Marie Flanary
Call Number: PL 6441 .O54 2009
Publication Date: 2009
One Voice is a documentary film that tells the story of the Kamehameha Schools Song Contest through the eyes of the student song directors. Every year in Hawai"˜i, 2000 high school students compete in the Kamehameha Schools Song Contest where young leaders direct their peers in singing Hawaiian music in four-part harmony. The Contest is a unique cultural celebration that has become a major local event, broadcasted live on TV, played on the radio, and streamed on the Internet.

Cover Art
Pacific opportunities : leveraging Asia's growth - Asian Development Bank
Call Number: HC 681 .P334 2015
ISBN: 9789292549893
Publication Date: 2015
Forecasts suggest that solid growth in Asia is likely to continue. By 2030, Asian economies are expected to be roughly four times larger than they are today, and Asia’s share of global output is expected to rise to 40% of the global total. In contrast, most countries in the Pacific have experienced extended periods of relatively low growth, and many have suffered significant setbacks from disasters. This book analyzes and discerns some of the main trends driving economic relations between Asia and the Pacific. It aims to assess how the 14 Pacific developing member countries of the Asian Development Bank can better tap into opportunities arising from Asian growth, and explores how the economic and financial integration between Asia and the Pacific can be expanded to benefit both regions. Pacific Opportunities identifies critical constraints on integration and sets out policy reforms to address these constraints to mutually beneficial economic ties between the two regions. These two very different regions have drawn closer economically over the past two decades as improvements in transport infrastructure and advances in information and communications technology have helped to bridge geographic distance.

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Pasifika plates : serving nutritious island flavours - SPC
Call Number: TX 725 .P16 P37 2015
Publication Date: 2015
This cookbook was inspired by the Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services cookbook Khana Kakana and adapted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community's Public Health Division, with delicious contributions from ministries of health and civil societies around the Pacific

Cover Art
Peter Taurakoto : fighting for a proper passport : an autobiography - Taurakoto, Peter
Call Number: DU 760 .T38 A3 2016
ISBN: 9780957898653
Publication Date: 2016
An autobiographical account focusing on the political development of Vanuatu post church and colonial influences and the beginning of the first real political party - Vanua'aku Pati - and its struggle for rights of citizenship in their motherland, the New Hebrides, for New Hebrideans who had been previously stateless.

Cover Art
Reclaiming the nation : two keynote addresses on education - Subramani
Call Number: LC 1021 .S83 2016 (also available in Leisure & General Collections)
ISBN: 9789829082107
Publication Date: 2016
"Where in the discrete and discontinuous offerings, disciplines of the university, is the space for reflection on the eternal verities or permanent concerns of human beings, and opportunities to strive for their attainments and inner fulfilment?" - Subramani.

Cover Art
Skeletal biology of the ancient Rapanui : (Easter Islanders) - Vincent H. Stefan and George W. Gill (Editors)
Call Number: GN 50 .45 .E37 S54 2016
ISBN: 9781107023666
Publication Date: 2016
Disseminating what is currently known about the skeletal biology of the ancient Rapanui and placing it within the wider context of Polynesian skeletal variation, this volume is the culmination of over thirty years of research into the remotely inhabited Easter Island. Compiling osteological data deriving from Rapanui skeletal remains into one succinct analysis, this book demonstrates how the application of modern skeletal biology research techniques can effectively be employed to address questions of human population origins and microevolution. Craniometrics and DNA analysis are used to provide indications as to Rapanui ancestral lineage. Evidence is presented in a user-friendly manner to allow researchers and graduates to critically analyse the current knowledge of prehistoric Rapanui skeletal variation. An important resource providing valuable evidence from human biology that modifies earlier archaeological and cultural anthropological views, this book will stimulate further research into the Rapanui.

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Tavaka : histoires d'îles et d'exils [videorecording] - un film de Laurent Cibien, Anne Pitoiset et Claude Clorennec
Call Number: DU 624 .65 .T38 2013
Publication Date: 2013
"At the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Wallis depopulated inexorably. In search of a better life, its inhabitants leave the kingdom, deeply rooted in tradition, to the opulent New Caledonia" -- Translated summary from AAA Production website.

Cover Art
The Black Islands : spirit and war in Melanesia - Bohane, Ben
Call Number: GN 668 .B63 2013 (a copy is also available in the General Collection).
ISBN: 9789829807519
Publication Date: 2013
Since 1994, acclaimed photojournalist Ben Bohane has lived and reported on the Pacific islands. In his new book
The Black Islands - Spirit and War in Melanesia -
Bohane traces a photographic journey through these beautiful but sometimes dangerous islands.

Cover Art
The Rahui : Legal pluralism in Polynesian traditional management of resources and territories - Tamatoa Bambridge (Editor)
Call Number: K 236 .R34 2016 (a copy is also available in the General Collection).
ISBN: 9781925022797
Publication Date: 2016
This collection deals with an ancient institution in Eastern Polynesia called the rahui, a form of restricting access to resources and/or territories. While tapu had been extensively discussed in the scientific literature on Oceanian anthropology, the rahui is quite absent from secondary modern literature. This situation is all the more problematic because individual actors, societies, and states in the Pacific are readapting such concepts to their current needs, such as environment regulation or cultural legitimacy. This book assembles a comprehensive collection of current works on the rahui from a legal pluralism perspective. This study as a whole underlines the new assertion of identity that has flowed from the cultural dimension of the rahui. Today, rahui have become a means for indigenous communities to be fully recognised on a political level. Some indigenous communities choose to restore the rahui in order to preserve political control of their territory or, in some cases, to get it back.

Cover Art
The Shark Callers of Kontu [videorecording] - Directed by Dennis O'Rourke
Call Number: DU 740 .4 .S53 2009
Publication Date: 2009
In a remote corner of Papua New Guinea, there is an ancient tradition of sharkcalling, wherein a select few possess the magic to trap and kill sharks with their bare hands. The villagers believe that sharks carry the spirits of their ancestors, and sharkcallers spend days preparing for the sacred ritual of calling these meaningful creatures.

Cover Art
Weaving education theory and practice in Oceania : selected papers from the second Vaka Pasifiki Education Conference - Ruth Toumu'a, Kabini Sanga & Seu'ula Johansson Fua (Editors)
Call Number: LB 1727 .03 V352 2016
ISBN: 9789829173096
Publication Date: 2016
Much education practice in the Pacific has been inherited or influenced by systems from elsewhere. Largely, these are not serving Pacific communities well. Reform strategies from 'outside' have been effective. Increasingly, Pacific educators themselves are assuming responsibility for 'rethinking' and, ultimately, transforming Pacific education. This book adds to a growing library of 'rethinking' books generated by Pacific scholars and teacher educators for Pacific educational contexts.

Cover Art
Yap...How did you know we'd like TV? [videorecording] - Directed by Dennis O'Rourke
Call Number: DU 568 .Y3 Y37 1980
Publication Date: 1980
Yap is a small island in the Pacific, which fell under American control after WWII. In 1979, Yap got its own television station, and legendary documentarist Dennis O'Rourke captured the islanders' reactions to this new phenomenon, as they witnessed American programming and advertising for the first time.

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