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New titles in the Pacific Collection (February 2017)  

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New items in the Pacific Collection

Here are the new books, DVDs and journals added to the Pacific Collection. Except for a few items on display in the New Books case in the Pacific Collection on Level C, these items are now available to be borrowed for 3 hours and used in the Pacific Collection Reading Room.

In some cases, there may be another copy of a title in the General collection or the Audio Visual Room (AVR)  for regular checkout. This is noted in the description where applicable.


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Anthropologies of value : [cultures of accumulation across the global north and south] - edited by Luis Fernando Angosto-Ferrández and Geir Henning Presterudstuen.
Call Number: GN 448 .A58 2016
ISBN: 9780745336633
Publication Date: 2016
One of the most vibrant areas of inquiry in anthropology today surrounds questions of the commodification of human and natural life. In a world where cost-benefit analysis dominates economic and governmental decision-making, prices are routinely put on death and environmental devastation—but little thought is given to what those valuations mean, both to those being blithely commodified or to the society behind it.
Anthropologies of Value brings together a roster of stellar contributors to consider the question of the commodification of life through an anthropological lens. Explicitly questioning the validity of such commonplace binary oppositions as north/south, core/periphery, Western/non-Western, the collection aims to bridge disparate approaches and offer a new way forward for understanding, and combating, the rampant commodification of contemporary life.

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Creativity, religion and youth cultures - Harris, Anne M.
Call Number: BL 65 .C8 H37 2017 (a copy is also available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9781138923812
Publication Date: 2017
This book explores the rich intersection between faith, religion and performing arts in culture-based youth groups. The co-constitutive identity-building work of music, performance, and drama for Samoan and Sudanese youth in church contexts has given rise to new considerations of diversity, cultural identity and the religious practices and rituals that inform them. For these young people, their culture-specific churches provide a safe if "imagined community" (Anderson, 2006) in which they can express these emerging identities, which move beyond simple framings like "multicultural" to explicitly include faith practices. These identities emerge in combination with popular cultural art forms like hip hop, R-&-B and gospel music traditions, and performance influences drawn from American, British and European popular cultural forms (including fashion, reality television, social media, gaming, and online video-sharing).

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Curve of the hook : an archaeologist in Polynesia - Sinoto, Yosihiko H. ; Aramata, Hiroshi ; edited by Frank Stewart
Call Number: PN 771 .M28
ISBN: 9780824866235
Publication Date: 2016
Curve of the Hook is the long-awaited book on the life and research of Yosihiko Sinoto, senior anthropologist at the Bishop Museum. For nearly six decades, Dr. Sinoto conducted field research on every island group across the Pacific. His work and discoveries fundamentally changed what is known about early Polynesian migration, ancient ocean voyaging and navigation, sacred places, and the everyday life of the Pacific’s indigenous people. Due to Sinoto’s research and his love for the people of the Pacific, we now know through empirical evidence the extent to which Oceania is a single, vast community. Its members share kinship not only with one another, but also with the peoples of Asia and North America.

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Cutting and connecting : 'Afrinesian' perspectives on networks, relationality, and exchange - Knut Christian Myhre (Editor)
Call Number: HM 741 .C88 2016
ISBN: 9781785332630
Publication Date: 2016
Questions regarding the origins, mobility, and effects of analytical concepts continue to emerge as anthropology endeavors to describe similarities and differences in social life around the world. Cutting and Connecting rethinks this comparative enterprise by calling in a conceptual debt that theoretical innovations from Melanesian anthropology owe to network analysis originally developed in African contexts. On this basis, the contributors adopt and employ concepts from recent studies of Melanesia to analyze contemporary life on the African continent and to explore how this exchange influences the borrowed anthropological perspectives. By focusing on ways in which networks are cut and connections are made, these empirical investigations show how particular relationships are created in today's Africa. In addition, the volume aims for an approach that recasts relationships between theory and place and concepts and ethnography, in a manner that destabilizes the distinction between fieldwork and writing.

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Edible seaweeds of the world - Pereira, Leonel
Call Number: TX 402 .P47 2016 (a copy is also available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9781498730471
Publication Date: 2016
Seaweed is used in many countries for very different purposes - directly as food, especially in sushi, as a source of phycocolloids, extraction of compounds with antiviral, antibacterial or antitumor activity and as biofertilizers. About four million tons of seaweed are harvested annually worldwide. Of the various species known, less than 20 account for 90% of the biomass exploited commercially. This book details 147 species of edible seaweed, including scientific name and respective common names, geographic location, nutritional composition, uses and is extensively illustrated.

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Ethnicity and race : creating educational opportunities around the globe - Elinor L. Brown and Pamela E. Gibbons (Editors)
Call Number: LC 3715 .E84 2011
ISBN: 9781617355677
Publication Date: 2011
This volume of Global Initiatives for Equity and Social Justice takes a resource perspective toward culture, ethnicity, and race. Its purpose is to foster global dialog about race and ethnicity, with an emphasis on sharing strategies and solutions. While one might view problems stemming from racial and ethnic differences as intractable, the book's editors and chapter authors wisely and creatively move through and beyond challenges and barriers by highlighting and sharing models, programs, frameworks, and strategies that are making a positive difference. Chapters provide examples and discussions relevant to the K-12 levels, as well as higher education and professional preparation in fields that include teacher education, social work, and medical education. Chapters grapple with complexities such as tensions among colonization, nation building, and ethnic identity. Chapters explore potentials of information technology for opening access to education and building dialogue across differences.

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Field guide to the plants of Solomon Islands - Wen-Liang Chiou ... [et al.]
Call Number: QK 97 .5 .F54 2016
ISBN: 9789860490381
Publication Date: 2016
The International Cooperation and Development Fund(TaiwanICDF)collaborated with the National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS) and the Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center (KBCC) to publish the Field Guide to the Plants of Solomon Islands in August this year. This illustrated compendium, which introduces local plants such as lycophyte, ferns, gymnospermae and dicotyledon of the Solomon Islands, is the first of its kind to contain both Chinese and English descriptions. Conservation work and sustainable development in the field of botany in the Solomon Islands have progressed at the same time.

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Fisheries in the Pacific : the challenges of governance and sustainability - Fache, Elodie
Call Number: SH 319. O3 F33 2016 (other copies available in PIMRIS and USP Gen)
ISBN: 9782953748550
Publication Date: 2016
Fisheries in the Pacific: The Challenges of Governance and Sustainability is a multidisciplinary book, which examines various aspects of coastal and oceanic fisheries in Pacific waters. These interrelated fisheries sectors are critical for regional food security and also represent a reserve of food resources for the rest of the world. The introduction and eight chapters highlight that both these sectors raise major economic and ecological issues while revealing significant social changes, political asymmetries and alliances, geostrategic rationales, developments in legislation, customary dynamics, and conservation challenges. Through complementary approaches and interpretations of both quantitative and qualitative data, this book aims to contribute to a better understanding of the current situation of fisheries in the Pacific.

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Focusing on the underserved immigrant, refugee, and indigenous Asian American and Pacific Islanders in higher education - Sam D. Museus, Indiana University ; Amefil Agbayanim, University of Hawaii at Manoa ; Doris M. Ching, University of Hawaii
Call Number: LC 2633 .6 .F63 2017 (a copy is also available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9781681236179
Publication Date: 2017
Recent discussions and dissemination of information regarding the rapid growth of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (Aapi) across our nation are creating some awareness among administrators and educators in higher education institutions regarding the extensive diversity of Aapis, the struggles of some Aapi populations in pursuing and succeeding in higher education, and the lack of support for their educational success. National discourse on Aapis among educators, policymakers and Aapi communities underscores the need for more research-including more relevant research-that can inform policy and practice that will enhance educational opportunities for Aapis who are underserved in higher education. The book focuses on diverse topics, many of which do not appear in the current literature. The chapters are authored by an array of distinguished and emerging scholars and professionals at various universities and colleges across the nation.

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Indigenous data sovereignty : toward an agenda - Tahu Kukutai, John Taylor (Editors)
Call Number: GN 380 .I532 2016
ISBN: 9781760460303
Publication Date: 2016
As the global ‘data revolution’ accelerates, how can the data rights and interests of indigenous peoples be secured? Premised on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, this book argues that indigenous peoples have inherent and inalienable rights relating to the collection, ownership and application of data about them, and about their lifeways and territories. As the first book to focus on indigenous data sovereignty, it asks: what does data sovereignty mean for indigenous peoples, and how is it being used in their pursuit of self-determination? The varied group of mostly indigenous contributors theorise and conceptualise this fast-emerging field and present case studies that illustrate the challenges and opportunities involved. These range from indigenous communities grappling with issues of identity, governance and development, to national governments and NGOs seeking to formulate a response to indigenous demands for data ownership. While the book is focused on the CANZUS states of Canada, Australia, Aotearoa/New Zealand and the United States, much of the content and discussion will be of interest and practical value to a broader global audience.

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Indigenous spiritualities at work : transforming the spirit of enterprise - Chellie Spiller, University of Auckland, Rachel Wolfgramm, University of Auckland (Editors)
Call Number: GN 380 .I53 2015
ISBN: 9781681231563
Publication Date: 2015
Are you intrigued by ancient wisdom traditions? Do you ever wonder if they have any relevance in today's world? How do Indigenous ways of being and doing balance wealth creation and well-being? How might Indigenous peoples define success? What are Indigenous spiritualities? How is Spiritualities manifested in Indigenous organizations today? These questions have intrigued us for many years. As a consequence, we invited scholars from around the world to contribute to a ground-breaking book, Indigenous spiritualities at work: transforming the spirit of business enterprise, to explore these questions from different worldviews. A key focus of this book is how Indigenous spiritual approaches revitalize identities and relationships within the workplace. However, the notion of workplace is not narrow, as it includes communities of engagement and practice in ecologies of creativity and enterprise in the broadest sense. This enables Indigenous spiritualties at work to be explored from diverse perspectives, disciplines, cultures and sectors.

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Introduction to South Pacific law - Corrin Care, Jennifer ; Paterson, Donald Edgar
Call Number: KVC 117 .C37 2017 (copies are available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9781780684123
Publication Date: 2011
The only book of its kind, Introduction to South Pacific Law provides an overview of law in the South Pacific. It sets out the framework of South Pacific legal systems and also describes the substantive law on a broad range of topics. Examining both state laws and customary law, the book highlights common patterns and explains some of the principal differences between the laws and legal systems of the countries of the region. The introductory chapter looks at the development of South Pacific law and at South Pacific jurisprudence. Individual chapters are devoted to state laws, customary law, constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, family law, contract law, torts law, land law, and the court system. The book makes extensive reference to legislative provisions and case law of individual jurisdictions. Including a discussion of recent changes in the law, this new edition will be a useful and up-to-date resource for all those interested in the law of the region.

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Island geographies : essays and conversations - Elaine Stratford (Editor)
Call Number: G 471 .I85 2017 (a copy is also available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9781138921726
Publication Date: 2017
Islands and their environs – aerial, terrestrial, aquatic – may be understood as intensifiers, their particular and distinctive geographies enabling concentrated study of many kinds of challenges and opportunities. This edited collection brings together several emerging and established academics with expertise in island studies, as well as interest in geopolitics, governance, adaptive capacity, justice, equity, self-determination, environmental care and protection, and land management. Individually and together, their perspectives provide theoretically useful, empirically grounded evidence of the contributions human geographers can make to knowledge and understanding of island places and the place of islands. Nine chapters engage with the themes, issues, and ideas that characterise the borderlands between island studies and human geography and allied fields, and are contributed by authors for whom matters of place, space, environment, and scale are key, and for whom islands hold an abiding fascination.

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Living in the family of Jesus : critical contextualization in Melanesia and beyond - William Kenny Longgar and Tim Meadowcroft (Editors)
Call Number: BR 1495 .M4 P65
ISBN: 9980650214
Publication Date: 2016
With its myriad people groups, Melanesia has much to teach the rest of the world about what happens when Christ encounters local culture. This collection begins with a look at specific case studies of the Gospel's encounter with local culture in Melanesia itself, before turning to broader themes particularly raised by the Melanesian context. Case studies from Asia and the wider Pacific then throw further light on the incarnational process of encounter, demonstrating that there is much for the rest of the world to learn from the Melanesian experience. The book concludes with some penetrating analyses of the dynamics at work when the Gospel encounters human cultures for the first time. The process of critical contextualization of the Gospel is never complete, and is inevitably the product of conversation and experimentation. As such it is a communal process. This set of essays models one such conversation while at the same time enabling the rest of the church to listen in on important insights.

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Medicine across cultures : history and practice of medicine in non-Western cultures - Helaine Selin (Editor) ; Hugh Shapiro (advisory editor)
Call Number: RA 441 .5 .M43 2003
ISBN: 9789048162383
Publication Date: 2003
This work deals with the medical knowledge and beliefs of cultures outside of the United States and Europe. In addition to articles surveying Islamic, Chinese, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Indian, Egyptian, and Tibetan medicine, the book includes essays on comparing Chinese and western medicine and religion and medicine. Each essay is well illustrated and contains an extensive bibliography.

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Planning for coexistence? : recognizing indigenous rights through land-use planning in Canada and Australia - Porter, Libby, Barry Janice
Call Number: HD 313 .P67 2016 (a copy is also available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9781409470779
Publication Date: 2016
Planning is becoming one of the key battlegrounds for Indigenous people to negotiate meaningful articulation of their sovereign territorial and political rights, reigniting the essential tension that lies at the heart of Indigenous-settler relations. But what actually happens in the planning contact zone - when Indigenous demands for recognition of coexisting political authority over territory intersect with environmental and urban land-use planning systems in settler-colonial states? This book answers that question through a critical examination of planning contact zones in two settler-colonial states: Victoria, Australia and British Columbia, Canada. Comparing the experiences of four Indigenous communities who are challenging and renegotiating land-use planning in these places, the book breaks new ground in our understanding of contemporary Indigenous land justice politics. It is the first study to grapple with what it means for planning to engage with Indigenous peoples in major cities, and the first of its kind to compare the underlying conditions that produce very different outcomes in urban and non-urban planning contexts.

Cover Art
Self-determinable development of small islands - Masahide Ishihara ; Eiichi Hoshino ; Yoko Fujita (Editors)
Call Number: JZ 1980 .S45 2016 (a copy is also available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9789811001307
Publication Date: 2016
This book aims to clarify the present situation of the relations between small island countries and territories on the one hand and the great powers, mainland areas, and mega-islands on the other, and explores how small island countries and territories preserve and build their identity under globalization. This book is divided into five parts. The first part presents papers on issues that are related to Okinawa: the American military presence, the formation of a global human network, and the history of and language revitalization in Okinawa. The second part includes papers on security in East Asia and the Pacific Region: the history of and present issues in international relations within the South and East China Sea areas. The third part presents papers on economic issues and social developments on small islands. The fourth part deals with ocean policies and marine resource management in the Pacific Region by the United States, Australia, and Japan. Finally, the fifth part presents papers on the revitalization of three indigenous languages.

Cover Art
Size and survival : the politics of security in the Caribbean and the Pacific - Paul Sutton and Anthony Payne (Editors)
Call Number: UA 609 .S59 2013 (a copy is also available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9780714645322
Publication Date: 2013
This book provides the first comparative survey of the security problems faced by the small island and enclave developing states of the two major regions in the world characterised by the presence of such states - the Caribbean and the Pacific. It both contributes to the theoretical debate about size and security and offers an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the politics of security in these regions.

Cover Art
The international politics of authoritarian rule - Tansey, Oisín
Call Number: JC 480 .T36 2016 (a copy is also available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9780199683628
Publication Date: 2016
Autocrats must overcome a range of challenges as they seek to gain and maintain political power, including the threat that comes from both rival elites and discontented publics. The International Politics of Authoritarian Rule examines the ways in which international forces can encourage and assist autocratic actors in overcoming these challenges. Often, autocratic incumbents are strengthened in power by events on the international stage and by the active support of international allies. The book offers a typology of different international forms of influence on authoritarianism, and examines the ways in which external forces shape autocratic rule at the domestic level. The typology distinguishes between three broad forms of international influence: passive influences, unintended consequences, and active forms of external autocratic sponsorship. The book focuses in particular on the latter category, and examines intentional autocratic sponsorship in the post-Cold War period.

Cover Art
WHO multi-country cooperation strategy for the Pacific : 2013-2017 - World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific
Call Number: RA 8 .A38 2012 (copies are also available in USP Gen)
Publication Date: 2012
The WHO Multi-Country Cooperation Strategy for the Pacific (2013-2017) is a key instrument to guide WHO's work in countries and territories. It represents a medium-term vision for WHO's technical cooperation with 21 countries and territories in the Pacific. It is the first time that all the Pacific island countries and territories (PICTs) have a common country cooperation strategy (CCS).The CCS cycle or time frame has been adjusted to coincide with the Multi-Country United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for the Pacific Subregion 2013-2017. This Multi-Country Cooperation Strategy (MCCS) is the result of extensive consultations with member states, the United Nations system and key development partners.

Cover Art
Women's health : Western Pacific Region - World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific
Call Number: RA 564 .85 .W67 2001 (other copies available in USP Gen)
ISBN: 9290611839
Publication Date: 2001
This publication arises out of the Workshop on Women's Health held in Beijing, in October 1999. It is a compilation of country reports, depicting the status of women's health in each of the 14 countries represented in the workshop, and the lectures delivered.Papers like"Domestic violence: a priority public health issue in the Western Pacific Region", "Making pregnancy safer (reduction of maternal mortality)", "Mainstreaming gender in the reproductive health programme" capped by "Challenges in women's health in the 21st century and WHO strategy" and the Status of women's health in the western Pacific Region", offer some answers to the critical areas of concern raised in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action adopted by the Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace

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