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New titles in the Pacific Collection (August 2017)  

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New items in the Pacific Collection

Here are the new books, DVDs, theses and article reprints added to the Pacific Collection this month. Except for a few items on display in the New Books case in the Pacific Collection on Level C, these items are now available to be borrowed for 3 hours and used in the Pacific Collection Reading Room.

In some cases, there may be another copy of a title in the General collection or the Audio Visual Room (AVR)  for regular checkout. This is noted in the description where applicable.


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The 2006 military takeover in Fiji : a coup to end all coups? - Jon Fraenkel, Stewart Firth and Brij V. Lal (Editors)
Call Number: JC 328 .3 .T96 2015
ISBN: 9789820109476
Publication Date: 2015
"This book explores the factors behind - and the implications of - the 2006 coup. It brings together contributions from leading scholars, local personalities, civil society activists, union leaders, journalists, lawyers, soldiers and politicians - including deposed Prime Ministers Laisenia Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry. The 2006 Military Takeover in Fiji: A Coup to End All Coups? is essential reading for those with an interest in the contemporary history of Fiji, politics in deeply divided societies, or in military intervention in civilian politics"--Publisher's description.

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In simple words : selected writings from 2015-2016 - Goundar, Prashneel R.
Call Number: PN 6261 .G68 2017
ISBN: 9789829082114
Publication Date: 2017
"Prashneel Goundar ...aspires to be heard beyond the enclosed world of the university. He can be distinguished from 'policy-oriented' academics, who periodically comment on state policies, in the way he si gently cultivating an authentic voice addressing a range of issues, from Fiji's intellectual debate, materialism, moral values, unconditional love, depression to teaching and the state of vernacular languages. It is an authentic voice, though in the formative phase, seeking to individualize itself from the sources from where ideas are draw, going beyond research and reading to what is not spoken or written by others, to new thoughts. Certain authentic selves, with the abundance of native intelligence, remain unexpressed because of the fear of unveiling the self, and uncertainty about general approval. The decision to publish a book means the author has overcome those uncertainties.

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Tropical forests of Oceania : anthropological perspectives - Joshua A. Bell, Paige West, Colin Filer (Editors)
Call Number: QH 541 .5 .R27 T763 2015
ISBN: 9781925022728
Publication Date: 2015
The tropical forests of Oceania are an enduring source of concern for indigenous communities, for the migrants who move to them, for the states that encompass them within their borders, for the multilateral institutions and aid agencies, and for the non-governmental organisations that focus on their conservation. Grounded in the perspective of political ecology, contributors to this volume approach forests as socially alive spaces produced by a confluence of local histories and global circulations. In doing so, they collectively explore the multiple ways in which these forests come into view and therefore into being. Exploring the local dynamics within and around these forests provides an insight into regional issues that have global resonance. Intertwined as they are with cosmological beliefs and livelihoods, as sites of biodiversity and Western desire, these forests have been and are still being transformed by the interaction of foreign and local entities.

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Indigeneity : a politics of potential: Australia, Fiji and New Zealand - O'Sullivan, Dominic
Call Number: JF 1061 .O88 2017
ISBN: 9781447339427
Publication Date: 2017
This book presents the first comprehensive use of political theory to explain indigenous politics, assessing the ways in which indigenous and liberal political theories interact in order to consider the practical policy implications of the indigenous right to self-determination. Dominic O’Sullivan here reveals indigeneity’s concern for political relationships, agendas, and ideas beyond ethnic minorities’ basic claim to liberal recognition, and he draws out the ways that indigeneity’s local geopolitical focus, underpinned by global developments in law and political theory, can make it a movement of forward-looking, transformational politics.

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Visuospatial reasoning : an ecocultural perspective for space, geometry and measurement education - Owens, Kay
Call Number: BF 469 .O94 2015
ISBN: 9783319024622
Publication Date: 2015
This book develops the theoretical perspective on visuospatial reasoning in ecocultural contexts, granting insights on how the language, gestures, and representations of different cultures reflect visuospatial reasoning in context. For a number of years, two themes in the field of mathematics education have run parallel with each other with only a passing acquaintance. These two areas are the psychological perspective on visuospatial reasoning and ecocultural perspectives on mathematics education. This volume examines both areas of research and explores the intersection of these powerful ideas. In addition, there has been a growing interest in sociocultural aspects of education and in particular that of Indigenous education in the field of mathematics education. There has not, however, been a sound analysis of how environmental and cultural contexts impact visuospatial reasoning, although it was noted as far back as the 1980s when Alan Bishop developed his duality of visual processing and interpreting visual information.

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Redeeming Moti - Merrell, Susan
Call Number: KWL 2329 .3 .M37 2017
ISBN: 9780648044604
Publication Date: 2017
Based on a true story, Redeeming Moti is about political scandal in the Pacific that caused regional diplomatic relations to plummet to an all-time low. Set against a backdrop of riots and civil unrest in the Solomon Islands, the action culminates in Australia's High Court amidst allegations of sexual misconduct against Julian Moti, Attorney General of the Isles whose antagonistic, anti-Australian political influence Australia sought to neutralize. This is the story as told to the author by Julian Moti and as she lived it.

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Christian worship worldwide : expanding horizons, deepening practices - Farhadian. Charles E.
Call Number: BV 15 .C47 2007
ISBN: 9780802828538
Publication Date: 2007
As Christianity has boomed in the non-Western world, several significant questions have emerged regarding how worship and culture relate. Charles Farhadian here presents a timely investigation of the interaction between culture and worship. Leading scholars — experts in history, mission, culture, and liturgy — offer diverse essays addressing worship in the context of worldwide Christianity. At the heart of Christian Worship Worldwide are several case studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific that explore the contours of particular nations, cultures, and liturgical actions. These essays show how Christian plurality is most vividly exemplified in the context of worship, where language, song, culture, and indigenous theology come together.

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Words and meanings : lexical semantics across domains, languages, and cultures - Goddard, Cliff ; Goddard, Wierzbicka, Anna
Call Number: P 325 .G63 2014
ISBN: 9780198783558
Publication Date: 2014
In a series of cross-cultural investigations of word meaning, Cliff Goddard and Anna Wierzbicka examine key expressions from different domains of the lexicon - concrete, abstract, physical, sensory, emotional, and social. They focus on complex and culturally important words in a range of languages that includes English, Russian, Polish, French, Warlpiri, and Malay. Some are basic like men, women, and children or abstract nouns like trauma and violence; others describe qualities such as hot, hard, and rough, emotions like happiness and sadness, or feelings like pain. They ground their discussions in real examples from different cultures and draw on work ranging from Leibniz, Locke, and Bentham, to popular works such as autobiographies and memoirs, and the Dalai Lama on happiness. The book opens with a review of the neglected status of lexical semantics in linguistics. The authors consider a range of analytical issues including lexical polysemy, semantic change, the relationship between lexical and grammatical semantics, and the concepts of semantic molecules and templates. Their fascinating book is for everyone interested in the relations between meaning, culture, ideas, and words.

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Margaret Mead : contributions to contemporary education - Maguire, Kate
Call Number: LB 45 .M34 2015
ISBN: 9789401793087
Publication Date: 2015
This book makes a case for Margaret Mead's contributions to education discourses, which in retrospect appear visionary and profoundly democratic, non judgemental and transdisciplinary, and for their relevance for education today at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Mead combined her substantial skills and knowledge as a linguist, anthropologist and psychologist to draw attention to the primary role of culture and society in identity formation, privileging against sterner perspectives, the idea that the conditions that support the emergence of balanced personalities, able to contribute to society and to progress themselves as individuals, starts with observation of self before that of others. This observation of and reflection on self was for her a necessary demonstration of transparency while close observation of others was ‘an act of love’, much as the artist contemplates his/her subject, that dissolved negative differences of culture, belief and status.

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Teacher's perceptions on the new business studies curriculum in Samoa - Leituaso-Mafoa, Teleuli
Call Number: HF 1188 .F5 L45 2016
ISBN: 9783659815966
Publication Date: 2016
This book describes teachers’ perceptions on the teaching of the reviewed (2000) Business Studies Curriculum in Samoa. McGee (1997) states that curriculum as a field is concerned with making decisions about what is the most worthwhile knowledge for students to learn, why they should learn it and how they should learn it. The aim of this study was to find out teachers’ views on teaching the reviewed Business Studies Curriculum in secondary schools which was drafted and documented by the Samoan Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC). Commercial Studies when it was first introduced in 1986 was a syllabus in Years 9, 10 and 11 (an outline of topics such as banking, shipping, transportation, insurance, exports and imports, employment, manufactures with one or two accounting topics). This clearly indicated an imbalance of topics between economics and accounting in all levels especially in Year 11 where it was all pure accounting.

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Major impediments to the development of Papua New Guinea : non-communicable diseases (lifestyle disease), high illiteracy Rate, Corruption and Landowner Compensation (Conflict) - Bossip, Joseph Bruce
Call Number: HC 683 .5 .B67 2015
ISBN: 9783668022560
Publication Date: 2015
Scientific Study from the year 2015 in the subject Economics - Case Scenarios, , language: English, comment: Thesis in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Doctorate Degree in Project Management, abstract: This paper discusses some of the major impediments that are affecting the development of this country, Papua New Guinea and off course the general picture of the world. These impediments are identified as Lifestyle or Non Communicable Diseases, Corruption, High Illiteracy rate and Landowner issues especially land conflict and land compensation for mining. I see the following as major impediments to the development of this nation; however people have different views, but I see these things are becoming barriers to the development of this nation. Due to modernisation and westernisation, a lot of people in Papua New Guinea have already adopted western lifestyle.

Cover Art
Creative expressions - Taveta, Luke Butler
Call Number: PN 6101 .T38 2016
ISBN: 9781537337494
Publication Date: 2016
Luke Butler Taveta is a prolific Fijian poet, who has been writing poetry for over 20 years. 'Creative Expressions' contains a selection of Luke's writing, which ranges from romantic poems to spiritual works to meditations on mental illness.

Cover Art
Neglected tropical diseases : Oceania - Alex Loukas (Editor)
Call Number: RC 962 .N44 2016
ISBN: 9783319431468
Publication Date: 2016
This volume of the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) series covers the most prevalent NTDs in Oceania. This book will discuss in detail pathology, diagnostics and control approaches of selected NTDs in the geographic region. A large part of Oceania’s population lives in poverty and therefore is at high risk for certain parasitic diseases, such as hookworm infection, lymphatic filariasis, strongyloidiasis or scabies. In addition viral infections such as dengue and new emerging viruses are of importance as major health risks for people living and traveling in this area. Each chapter focuses on one specific disease or series of related diseases, and provides in-depth insights into the topic.

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The Pacific Basin : an introduction - Shane J. Barter and Michael Weiner (Editors)
Call Number: DU 29 .P18 2017 (a copy is also available in the general collection)
ISBN: 9781138689916
Publication Date: 2017
The Pacific Basin: An Introduction is a new textbook which provides an interdisciplinary and comparative overview of the emerging Pacific world. Interest in the Pacific Basin has increased markedly in recent years, driven largely by the rise of China as a global rival to the United States and Asian development more generally. Growth in eastern Asia, as well as in the western Americas, has led the Pacific Basin to evolve as a dynamic economic zone. To make sense of this transformation, the book: Defines the Pacific Basin, locates it in academic research, and explains its importance. Addressees the historical origins and evolution of the Pacific Basin and its sub-regions. Introduces students to the historical and contemporary relationships, continuities and differences that characterize the region. Incorporates analyses of colonialism and imperialism, migration and settlement, economic development and trade, international relations, war and memory, environmental policy, urbanization, mental and public health, gender, film, and literature.
Connects the diverse peoples of this vast area, explores their common challenges and the diverse responses to these challenges, and provides a window into the lived humanity of the Pacific Basin.

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