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New Resources in Economics, Finance, and Accounting  

New books available at USP for Economics and SOAF
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New books at Laucala Campus Print Page

New Books at Laucala in Economics, Finance, and Accounting

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Maths for Economics *updated edition - Geoff Renshaw
Call Number: HB 135 .R462 2016
ISBN: 9780198704379
Publication Date: 2016-05-03

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Microeconomics for Dummies - Consumer Dummies Staff; Peter Antonioni; Lynne Pepall; Manzur Rashid
Call Number: HB 172 .P46 2016
ISBN: 9781119184393
Publication Date: 2016-02-01

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The Oxford Handbook of Land Economics - Joshua M. Duke (Editor); JunJie Wu (Editor)
Call Number: HD 111 .O94 2014
ISBN: 9780199763740
Publication Date: 2014-07-22

Cover Art
Microeconometrics and MATLAB - Abi Adams; Damian Clarke; Simon Quinn
Call Number: HB 139 .A33 2015
ISBN: 9780198754497
Publication Date: 2016-03-07

Cover Art
Global Tax Fairness - Thomas Pogge (Editor); Krishen Mehta (Editor)
Call Number: HJ 2305 .G56 2016
ISBN: 9780198725343
Publication Date: 2016-04-04

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Full IFRS and IFRS for SMEs Adoption by Private Firms - Maximilian Saucke
Call Number: HF 5686 .I56 S28 2015
ISBN: 9783631662984
Publication Date: 2015-04-17
The issuance of the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium-sized Entities (IFRS for SMEs) in July 2009 has mixed up the bipolar financial reporting landscape between Local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs) and Full IFRS by adding a third dimension to international GAAP choice. The study examines the characteristics and determinants of Full IFRS and IFRS for SMEs adoption by private firms in 110 countries.

Cover Art
Sentiment Analysis - Richard L. Peterson
Call Number: HG 4515 .15 .P48 2016
ISBN: 9781119122760
Publication Date: 2016-03-21
In his debut book on trading psychology, Inside the Investor’s Brain, Rich­ard Peterson demonstrated how managing emotions helps top investors outperform. Now, in Trading on Sentiment, he takes you inside the science of crowd psychol­ogy and demonstrates that not only do price patterns exist, but the most predictable ones are rooted in our shared human nature.

Cover Art
International Banking - Irene Finel-Honigman; Fernando B. Sotelino
Call Number: HG 3881 .F56 2015
ISBN: 9780415681322
Publication Date: 2015-06-15
This new textbook provides an up-to-date overview of international banking as the second decade of the twenty-first century unfolds. Integrating geo-economic, operational, institutional and regulatory changes in the financial sector, the volume's methodology incorporates specific case studies and research, combining theory with practical examples to illustrate the impact and consequences of past and present financial crises.

Cover Art
Fed Power - Lawrence Jacobs; Desmond King; Rebekka Christopoulou; Dean Lillard
Call Number: HG 2563 .J33 2016
ISBN: 9780199388967
Publication Date: 2016-04-01
Lawrence Jacobs and Desmond King's Fed Power is the first sustained examination of the Fed as a potent political institution that systematically provides concealed advantages to a privileged few. The authors trace the Fed's historic development from the fiery tug-of-war over monetary policy during the 19th century to its current position as the most important institution in the American economy, possessing unparalleled capacity and autonomy to intervene in private markets. Yet despite its power and resources, it was asleep at the wheel when the crisis hit. After it hit, the Fed acted swiftly to contain the crisis, but in the process exposed its real preferences.

Cover Art
The Oxford Handbook of the Political Economy of International Trade - Lisa L. Martin (Editor)
Call Number: HF 1379 .O94 2015
ISBN: 9780199981755
Publication Date: 2015-04-28
The Oxford Handbook of the Political Economy of International Trade surveys the literature on the politics of international trade and highlights the most exciting recent scholarly developments. The Handbook is focused on work by political scientists that draws extensively on work in economics, but is distinctive in its applications and attention to political features; that is, it takes politics seriously.

Cover Art
The Oxford Handbook of Professional Economic Ethics - George F. DeMartino (Editor); Deirdre N. McCloskey (Editor)
Call Number: HB 71 .O84 2015
ISBN: 9780199766635
Publication Date: 2016-02-01
For over a century the economics profession has extended its reach to encompass policy formation and institutional design while largely ignoring the ethical challenges that attend the profession's influence over the lives of others. Economists have proven to be disinterested in ethics. Embracing emotivism, they often treat ethics a matter of mere preference.

Cover Art
Scandalous Economics - Aida A. Hozic (Editor); Jacqui True (Editor)
Call Number: HQ 1381 .S23 2016
ISBN: 9780190204235
Publication Date: 2016-04-07
Of all of the lies, fragile alliances, and predatory financial dealings that have been revealed in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, we have yet to come to terms with the ways in which structural inequalities around gender and race factor into (and indeed make possible) the current economic order. Scandalous Economics is about "silences" - the astonishing neglect of gender and race in explanations of the Global Financial Crisis.

Cover Art
Accountants' Truth - Matthew Gill
Call Number: HF 5657 .G55 2011
ISBN: 9780199603107
Publication Date: 2011-05-19
Accounting is the language of business, increasingly standardized across the world through powerful global corporations: a technical skill used to reach the correct, unquestionable answer. Yet, as recent corporate scandals have shown, a whole range of financial professionals (auditors, bankers, analysts, company directors) can collectively fail to question dubious actions. How can this be possible? To understand such failures, this book explores how accountants construct the technical knowledge they deem relevant to decision-making.

Cover Art
Theology and Economic Ethics - Sean Doherty
Call Number: BR 115 .E3 D64 2014
ISBN: 9780198703334
Publication Date: 2014-05-27
In the wake of the economic crisis, few questions are more pressing than those around the ethics of finance and economics. Theology and Economic Ethics seeks to expand the self-critical resources of contemporary theological economic ethics by bringing the method of a pre-modern thinker, Martin Luther (1483-1546), into interaction with that of a modern contribution to social ethics, the Swiss theologian Arthur Rich (1910-92).

Cover Art
The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Finance in the 21st Century - Patrick O'Sullivan (Editor); Nigel F. B. Allington (Editor); Mark Esposito (Editor)
Call Number: HG 103 .P55 2015
ISBN: 9780415859004
Publication Date: 2015-06-09
Since 2008 the financial sector has been the subject of extensive criticism. Much of this criticism has focussed on the morality the actors involved in the crisis and its extended aftermath. This book analyses the key moral and political philosophical issues of the crisis and relates them to the political economy of finance. It also examines to what extent the financial sector can or should be reformed.

This book is unified by the view that the financial sector had been a self-serving and self-regulating elite

Cover Art
The China Triangle - Kevin P. Gallagher
Call Number: HC 427 .95 .G35 2016
ISBN: 9780190246730
Publication Date: 2016-03-21
Since 1980, China has evolved from a poor and mostly rural society into one of the largest economies in the world. As it grew into a major industrial power, it demanded enormous amounts of steel for new factories and cities, copper for electronic wires, petroleum for cars and manufacturing plants, and soybeans and cattle to feed its workers. By the 1990s, many Latin American countries were riding China's coattails and beginning to prosper from the new demand.

Cover Art
Labor Supply and Taxation - Richard Blundell; Andreas Peichl (Editor); Klaus F. Zimmermann (Editor)
Call Number: HD 5706 .L33 2016
ISBN: 9780198749806
Publication Date: 2016-05-17
This volume presents Richard Blundell's outstanding research on the modern economic analysis of labor markets and public policy reforms. Professor Blundell's hugely influential work has enhanced greatly our understanding of how individuals' behavior on the labor market respond to taxation and social policy influence. Edited by IZA, this volume brings together the author's key papers, some co-authored and some unpublished, with new introductions and an epilogue. It covers some of the main research insights in the study of labor supply.

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The Economics of International Environmental Cooperation - Tomasz Zylicz
Call Number: HC 79 .E5 Z95 2015
ISBN: 9783631652336
Publication Date: 2015-02-12
The Economics of international environmental cooperation looks at environmental issues calling for international cooperation, such as river management, transboundary air pollution and climate. It analyses methods used to reduce free-riding in protecting the commons and discusses agreements considered successful - such as the Montreal Protocol - and others that are less effective.

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Beyond Self: Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Economics - Laszlo Zsolnai
Call Number: HB 72 .Z76 2014
ISBN: 9783034317726
Publication Date: 2014-04-02
This book addresses ethical and spiritual issues in economics. The central idea advanced in the book is that the extreme focus on the self by economic actors leads to the destruction of both material and non-material values.
The assumptions of self-interest in behavior represent the core of mainstream economics today. From this perspective, the welfare of economic agents depends on their own consumption; their goal is to maximize their own welfare; and their choice is guided by the pursuit of their own goals.

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Corporate Governance after the Financial Crisis - Stephen M. Bainbridge
Call Number: KF 1422 .B35 2016
ISBN: 9780190496678
Publication Date: 2016-03-24
Comprehensively covers all the major corporate governance developments of the last decade, with a focus on the key federal statutes.

Cover Art
Financial Accounting: Reporting, Analysis and Decision Making 5th Edition - Shirley Carlon, Rosina Mladenovic, Chrisann Palm, Lorena Mitrione, Ngaire Kirk, Lily Wong
Call Number: HF 5635 .F56 2016
ISBN: 0730313743
Publication Date: 2016
In recent years accounting education has seen numerous changes to the way financial accounting is taught. These changes reflect the demands of an ever-changing business world, opportunities created by new technology and instructional technologies, and an increased understanding of how students learn. The foundation of Financial Accounting is based on a number of unique principles and innovations in accounting education.

The objective of Financial Accounting is to provide students with an understanding of those concepts that are fundamental to the preparation and use of accounting information. Most students will forget procedural details within a short period of time. On the other hand, concepts, if well taught, should be remembered for a lifetime. Concepts are especially important in a world where the details are constantly changing.

Cover Art
Heterodox Economics - Hasan Gürak
Call Number: HB 171 .G87 2012
ISBN: 9783631634042
Publication Date: 2012-07-03
Many economists are becoming more and more discontent with the sophistries of mainstream doctrines. This book presents some realistic alternative approaches to the conventional 'unrealistic' attitudes of mainstream economists in order to pave the way for a further development of new ideas.

Cover Art
Lessons in Corporate Finance - Paul Asquith; Lawrence A. Weiss
Call Number: HG 4026 .A77 2016
ISBN: 9781119207412
Publication Date: 2016-04-04
Lessons in Corporate Finance explains the fundamentals of the field in an intuitive way, using a unique Socratic question and answer approach. Written by award-winning professors at M.I.T. and Tufts, this book draws on years of research and teaching to deliver a truly interactive learning experience. Each case study is designed to facilitate class discussion, based on a series of increasingly detailed questions and answers that reinforce conceptual insights with numerical examples. Complete coverage of all areas of corporate finance includes capital structure and financing needs along with project and company valuation, with specific guidance on vital topics such as ratios and pro formas, dividends, debt maturity, asymmetric information, and more.

Cover Art
New Approaches to the Dynamics, Measurement and Economic Implications of Ethnic Diversity - Philipp Kolo
Call Number: HT 1531 .K65 2012
ISBN: 9783631638217
Publication Date: 2012-11-29
This book examines the measurement and econometric effects of ethnic diversity. This issue is of great relevance to research and policy and is currently being discussed a great deal in the literature. In particular, a sizable literature has suggested that ethnic diversity constitutes a significant barrier to economic development. The precise measurement and interpretation of these results are a matter of substantial controversy. In this book, the dynamics of ethnic diversity are being empirically analyzed for the first time. Furthermore, it develops and applies a new measure of ethnic diversity which takes the distance between groups into account, thus focusing on diversity rather than mere fragmentation. This book convincingly confronts theoretical considerations with (new) data and thereby provides a good mix of theory and empirics, making significant contributions to the current debates.

Cover Art
The Body Economic - David Stuckler; Sanjay Basu
Call Number: 9780465063987
ISBN: 9780465063987
Publication Date: 2013-05-21
Politicians have talked endlessly about the seismic economic and social impacts of the recent financial crisis, but many continue to ignore its disastrous effects on human health—and have even exacerbated them, by adopting harsh austerity measures and cutting key social programs at a time when constituents need them most. The result, as pioneering public health experts David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu reveal in this provocative book, is that many countries have turned their recessions into veritable epidemics, ruining or extinguishing thousands of lives in a misguided attempt to balance budgets and shore up financial markets. Yet sound alternative policies could instead help improve economies and protect public health at the same time.

Cover Art
Tax Management and Tax Evasion - Konrad Raczkowski; Lukasz Sulkowski
Call Number: HJ 2599 .5 .T39 2014
ISBN: 9783631651902
Publication Date: 2014-10-28
Tax management and tax evasion represent an intrinsic element of economic turnover, an area of interest both to the institutional and to the real spheres of national economy. These problems, beyond any doubt, should become the focus of interest for all states having a common market, e.g. the European Union, or the countries which have not introduced the universally binding and which are highly susceptible to abuses in VAT tax - such as the United States. With this in mind, the authors of this volume outline the issues of managing taxes and tax evasion, with a focus on the European Union in general and Poland in particular. The choice did not come by accident, since the latter was the only EU member state which in the waning years of the still continuing economic crisis never fell into negative economic growth.

Cover Art
The Impact of IFRS on Industry - Mohan R. Lavi
Call Number: HF 5626 .L384 2016
ISBN: 9781119047582
Publication Date: 2016-03-14
One of the biggest challenges of any reporting standard is how best to interpret and implement it in the context of a specific company or industry, given that each industry has its own intricacies and nuances. The Impact of IFRS on Industry provides specific guidance on applying IFRS in a diverse range of sectors.

Cover Art
Global Capitalism in Asia and Oceania - Jeb Sprague (Editor)
Call Number: HC 681 .G56 2016
ISBN: 9781138016224
Publication Date: 2015-09-04
These important studies examine and debate over how there is a growing transnationality of material (economic) relations in the global era, as well as an emerging transnationality of many social and class relations. How does transnational capitalist class fractions, new middle strata, and labor undergird globalization in Asia and Oceania? How have states and institutions become entwined with such processes? This book provides insight into a field of dynamic change.

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